Community Involvement

Coosa Valley Cycling Association Community Involvement

The CVCA is involved in a wide-variety of activities in the community and surrounding areas. On a state level, the group is active in on-road bicycle route development and enhancements, working closely with groups and departments such as the Georgia Department of Transportation and Bike! Walk! Northwest Georgia. Other areas of support include in rails-to-trails conversions and multi-use trail development.

On a local level, the CVCA provides community education through the elementary schools by distributing bookmarks with bicycle safety tips, written in both English and Spanish. The club also recently started a program where it partners with a local bike shops to provide helmets and bicycle lights to adults who use their bicycles as their sole method of transportation for work, but are unable to afford the equipment themselves.

In addition, the CVCA contributes a portion of the proceeds from the annual “Up the Creek Without A Pedal” ride and the “Lunar Ride” to various local charity organizations or community projects. In doing so, we are able to give back to the community that provides us with such wonderful roads, beautiful scenery and (generally) polite motorists.