The Coosa Valley Cycling Association, or CVCA for short, is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to both serious and recreational cycling. Located approximately 65 miles northwest of Atlanta in the city of Rome, our purpose is to encourage safe and enjoyable bicycling for all levels of cyclists in our community and the Coosa Valley area. We sponsor weekly on and off-road organized rides, promotions, and other activities pertaining to cycling for people of all abilities and ages.

Benefits of club membership include:

  • The Annual ‘Up the Creek Without a Pedal’ ride
  • A variety of rides throughout the year for both novice and experienced riders
  • Weekday evening rides during the summer
  • Active involvement with the community
  • An excellent opportunity to ride with others who share your interest in cycling and establish new friendships!!

Trey Smith Jumping into Coosa River 08202011

“After your first day of cycling, one dream is inevitable. A memory of motion lingers in the muscles of your legs, and round and round they seem to go. You ride through Dreamland on wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow.”
~H.G. Wells, The Wheels of Chance